Guiding principle

CNC machine tools "Made by CHIRON" are the first choice in all metalworking industries, especially when it comes to high-quality CNC cutting of complex workpieces at minimal costs.

More than 1,800 qualified and highly motivated employees within the CHIRON group do their utmost to ensure that the CNC machine tools and services give you the decisive edge – now and in the future.

The perfect solution for each CNC cutting and manufacturing task
Thinking in context and attention to detail are recurring themes throughout the entire CHIRON range of services. Beyond this, CHIRON also brings the subject of speed into play: Being faster than competition, than the market, and in processes (production, service, maintenance). That has always been the driving force that provides a competitive advantage to us and our customers – in line with our slogan "Seconds ahead".

CHIRON has the perfect solution for any task. The proven CNC machine tools are manufactured in serial production, but can be adapted to the customers' individual needs and desires due to the modular machine and component kit.

Code of Conduct

All four brands commit to conformity with the law and a socially responsible management builing the basis for corporate actions in CHIRON Group because responsibility is the central prerequisite for lasting success.

The business of CHIRON Group is based on integrity, appreciation and compliance with the law. Compliance has major importance which is why we ensure it thanks to preventive measures in our existing management system and raise awareness among our employees.

Code of Conduct