Getting ahead by synergies

Complete systems from one source

Because turning and milling each have a similar industrial and business segment, synergies between the two of them (and when they are in a concatenated set-up) are inevitable. The first joint projects show that the customers can expect great added value.

There are many kinds of advantages:
Fewer interfaces, everything from one source and one contact person are only a few of the many benefits for our customers.

Other synergies in this partnership that are beginning to emerge for our customers include:

  • Work operations are optimally matched – piece times are optimized at maximum output
  • Savings through sharing of aggregates (such as coolant processing and cooling, suction)
  • Saving other resources like energy, personnel or space

Parts requiring turning and milling are optimal for concatenated production. Furthermore, drilling or threading operations are performed frequently. But auxiliary production operations such as cleaning, balancing, measuring or labelling can also be integrated into the CHIRON-SCHERER systems.

Advantage through system competence

Project: Complete machining of adapter flange for injection pumps
Parts required: 250,000 ppy

Raw part Raw part
OP10 + OP20 OP10 + OP20
OP30 + OP40 OP30 + OP40
Process operations OP10 + OP20
OP30 + OP40
System components SCHERER CHIRON
Machining time [sec] 80 160
Load. & unloading time [sec] incl. incl.
Sum of the cycle time [sec] 80 160/2=80