Options for your production

individualized to meet your specific requirements

In designing our highly productive manufacturing systems, we focus right from the start of the designing process on possibilities for customer-optimized development, from isolated solutions all the way to fully automatic production lines. Therefore, all machine types of the VDZ and WDZ series are optionally expandable and offer a variety of possibilities for internal and external process optimization / extensions.

These include every conceivable automation variants, such as belts, shuttles and robotic systems for the supply and removal of parts, as well as the implementation of additional processing units, such as milling spindles, special drilling heads, threading devices and grinding systems.

All this is complemented by further adaptation options such as in-process probes, measuring stations, cleaning, deburring and drying plants and other downstream process steps.

In-process probe
Integrated milling unit
The integrated milling spindle allows internal processing of differential housings in one set-up
In-process shaft measurement
Integrated roll-milling module
Complete machining with auxiliary systems